Now that the Supreme Court is run by conservatives, a little bit of justice is being seen. They just ruled that Obama violated the Constitution.

We have to face the fact that our Country was infiltrated to the highest office in the land and we let it happen. Obama was an anti American infiltrator. He said in his first speech in office and I quote, “I am going to fundamentally change America”. Nobody asked him….What exactly do you mean by that? Because the mainstream media was colluding with him and the Liberals to push his agenda.

The Supreme Court is taking a step in the right direction, they voted that one of Obama’s actions was directly against the constitution.

From Top Secret Leaks:

Swamp Drain reported that the Supreme Court has made a ruling that Lafe Solomon, one of Obama’s appointees, served as the acting general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board ILLEGALLY for three whole years. In 2011 Solomon’s nomination was declined by the Senate, causing Obama to thwart Congress and give him the title of “acting” general counsel on his own. The move has been dubbed an “end-run around” the Constitution by Chief Justice John Roberts.

The Supreme Court voted in the matter, ending up with a 6-2 decision ruling that Former President Obama did indeed violate the Constitution of the United States of America. It was against the Constitution for Solomon to maintain an acting agency role following the Senate’s refusal to sanction him.

Solomon was already under attack for violating the agency’s ethics rules previously. He was ordered to leave the position in accordance with the Federal Vacancies Reform Act (FVRA) of 1998 after the Senate did not honor his nomination to serve as Obama’s permanent general counsel.

Ok now what… Can we expect to see him on trial?? This criminal needs to pay for his actions. Everyone of us citizens would of been locked up already. But these wealthy politicians get away with murder… literally! No more crying wolf, what is the supreme court going to do about Obama?

He’s protected by the press and the far left, but let that happen to a Republican and ALL hell breaks loose!


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