The Congressional Black Caucus Held A Celebration To Have ‘Cops as Pigs’ Painting REHUNG in Capitol

The disgraceful painting that hangs on the wall of the capitol was removed by Duncan Hunter..bbut the back and forth battle doesn’t seem to ease up. As tensions rise, Black congressional Congress Members held an event to rub it conservative face that they refuse to respect law enforcement officers. What a group…Check it out:

VIA| The Congressional Black Caucus held an event on Tuesday to rehang a painting that depicts police officers as pigs, which Rep. Duncan Hunter (R., Calif.) removed last week from a tunnel that connects the Capitol with a House office building.

Duncan’s chief of staff, Joe Kasper, said Friday that the painting was inappropriate after the congressman took it down. The artwork was created by a high school student and shows pigs wearing police uniforms pointing guns at black citizens.

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