Trump Makes Epic Stand For Christmas, This Could Make History

What a great way to start off! Embracing Christianity! It is a major joy that Trump wants to bring the Christmas spirit back to our Nation. In a nation that is built around God, how can you find it “offensive” to wish someone a Merry Christmas? Well, now that President Trump is almost in office we can finally get back to how things were before Obama took Office. Phew!

VIA| The president-elect went on to complain about the fact that in recent years, many department stores have kept their more secular decorations, like fake snow, red walls and bells, “but they don’t have ‘Merry Christmas.’”

This comes after an interview surfaced of Trump telling Cliff Sims of Yellowhammer Radio about the undeniable assault by the left on anything to do with Christianity.

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Are you with Trump and taking Christmas back?


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