Trump Was Handed A Cowboy Hat, What He Did Next Made Crowd Go WILD

Trump is proving to be the most American president I’ve ever witnessed! Check out what he does when he’s handed a cowboy hat.

President Trump kicked off his “Made in America” week with a nationally televised speech. He’s bringing jobs back to the US and manufacturing products here in America once again. The news caught a cool little moment before the President’s speech… Kind of like he was saying, “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

Watch below:

Haha, he sure does know how to work a crowd. And I think that cowboy hat suits him. What do you think?

And down below is President Trump’s full speech on bringing work back to America and becoming a manufacturing country once again.

Are you excited to see what the President does for the American workforce and industries during his time in office?? Let us know and comment below…


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